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The US military’s use of artificial intelligence and advanced roboticswill not include creating Terminator-style robots, the Pentagon’s second-in-command has said, as concerns increase over the role artificial intelligenceshould play in modern warfare. 五角大楼的二号指挥官回应,美军对人工智能和先进设备机器人技术的利用将不还包括打造出“终结者”式的机器人。目前各方日益忧虑人工智能在现代战争中扮演着的角色。Military planners were looking at ways for machines to help humans makequicker decisions on the battlefield, said Robert Work, deputy secretary ofdefence. 美国国防部副部长罗伯特沃克(Robert Work)回应,军事规划者正在谋求让机器协助人类在战场上更慢作出决策的方法。“We will use artificial intelligence in the sense that it makes humandecisions better,”he said. “我们将用于人工智能——在其让人类作出更佳决策的意义上,”他回应。


The Pentagon’s multibillion-dollar investments in high-tech weapons have put itat the centre of a debate about the use of AI and robots in warfare, with ElonMusk, founder of Tesla, saying AI was “potentially moredangerous than nukes”. 五角大楼对高科技武器的巨额投资把其推向了环绕在战场上用于人工智能和机器人的辩论的风口浪尖。特斯拉(Tesla)创始人埃隆马斯克(Elon Musk)回应,人工智能“有可能比核武器更加危险性”。Last year more than 1,000 of the biggest names in science and technology—including cosmologist Stephen Hawking and Mr Musk —signed anopen letter calling for a global ban on “killer robots”. 去年,逾1000名科技领域的知名人物在一封公开信上亲笔签名,敦促在全球范围禁令“刺客机器人”,其中还包括宇宙学家史蒂芬霍金(Stephen Hawking)和马斯克。


Mr Work is leading the Pentagon’s push into fields such as AI androbotics, which the US military hopes will maintain its technological edge overChina and Russia for another generation. “We need to up our strategic game inan era of great power competition,”he said. 沃克主管五角大楼在人工智能和机器人等领域的项目,美国军方期望借以在又一代人的时间里维持美国相对于中国和俄罗斯的技术优势。“我们必须在大国竞争的时代提升我们的战略水平,”他说道。

At a national security forum last December Mr Work voiced US concernsover the speed of developments in AI by Beijing and Moscow, saying the Russianarmy was “preparing to fight on a roboticised battlefield”. 在去年12月的一个国家安全性论坛上,沃克回应美国忧虑中俄两国发展人工智能的速度,称之为俄罗斯陆军于是以“打算在机器人简化的战场上登陆作战”。The US’s investmentsinclude a range of unmanned aircraft, ships and submarines that will have anincreased level of autonomy. The Pentagon is also looking at supercomputersthat can seek intelligence and watch potential adversaries. 美国的投资还包括一系列具备更高自律水平的无人机、无人舰艇和无人潜艇。


五角大楼也在注目需要搜索情报,监控潜在敌人的超级计算机。“The thing that people like Elon Musk are most worried about is amachine that gets smart enough to rewrite its own code,”he said. “We are wayfar away from that.” “埃隆马斯克这样的人最担忧的事情是机器显得充足智能,以至于需要重写自己的代码,”他回应,“我们离这种状态还很远得很。” General Paul Selva, deputy chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, saidthere needed to be a “firebreak”between a machine that can assess massive quantities of data tomake a targeting decision and one that decided on the use of force. 美国参谋长联席会议副主席保罗塞尔瓦将军(General Paul Selva)回应,必须在一台需要评估海量数据以要求打击目标的机器与要求用于武力的机器之间竖立一道“屏蔽屏障”。

“As a human, it makes me very uncomfortable that we might make amachine that can make a decision about taking lethal action withoutunderstanding who programmed the consciousness of the machine,”he said. “作为一个人,我们有可能生产出有一台需要做出采行可怕行动的决策的机器,却不告诉谁撰写了这台机器的意识,这让我深感十分不难受,”他说道。





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